How do I respond to the "updates are available for your computer" popup?

Simple question. Complicated answer....

As a rule of thumb, you want to apply important security updates to your computer when prompted. However, this "auto-update" mechanism has been subverted by virus authors and many software manufacturers. Virus authors have crafted viruses that are installed by making the user think they are installing important security updates. Additionally, many software vendors are overly aggressive in pushing software updates that do not need to be installed.

For most users it's too much of a pain to figure out which pop-ups are legitimate and beneficial. If you fall in this group, then we suggest you ignore the pop-up messages. A key aspect of our services is to keep your computers and networks maintained. If you see us for a regularly scheduled appointment, then rest assured that we are managoing  the required updates for your computer.

If you are reasonably sure the pop-up is from a legitimate source (i.e. Microsoft's Windows Update) then go ahead and allow the update to be applied. Again, if you are a Bass IT client, you can have confidence that we maintain up-to-day antivirus and antispyware solutions on your network. Should the pop-up be nefarious your managed antivirus/spyware system will protect you from any unintended updates.

What this boils down to is... as long as the network is being maintained... it does not matter what you do. On a managed network the number of pop-ups will be limited, and even accidently allowing a illegitimate update will not have catastrophic consequences.

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